Mini hammocks for children

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hammocks for childrenFamily time is precious.
 And our world-famous parachute-silk hammocks are not only exciting (it’s a parachute!), they’re also strong – up to 200kg – flexible, and loads of fun.

We use our hammocks all the time. Our kids call them “the boat and are occupied for hours when we’re away, and love hammocking with us and watching the world go by when we’re there together.

Children love our Mini Hammocks, they’re like their own little sailing ship! Or if you’ve more than one, treat them to a single to share…


Warning: Do not leave children unaccompanied.

Hammocks are great fun and a great addition to any family playtime. We would encourage every family to enjoy our hammocks safely and to think about the risk involved. Falling out of a hammock, for example, is possible, just as you’d expect.

As a rule of thumb, if you would not leave your child unattended if they were playing at the same height on another item of garden furniture (such as a bench), do not leave them alone in a hammock: as soft as our hammocks are, the fall will hurt them just as much!

Good luck, and have fun!

The great things about our hammocks


Made of super-strong Parachute Silk – up to 200kg load capacity

Lightweight, compact and highly portable – starting from just 200g

Breathable and highly soft to touch

Machine washable at 30’c


Integrated case

Optional Ropes

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Nothing's perfect. Here are some things to watch out for...

Our material and colour is natural, but isn’t UV resistant. Like all other garden furniture, our hammocks shouldn’t be left outside for the whole summer or they’ll fade.

Our material is strong, but be careful of shoes and sharps.

Our material isn’t flame retardant, so please don’t smoke inside it.


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Additional information

Maximum Load


200g (Mini), or 500g (Single)


150cm x 75cm (Mini), or 320cm x 160cm (Single)

Laying Surface



Handmade parachute silk nylon


Variety of colours available for both the Mini and Small hammocks, please select from the available options. View the full colour chart at


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