The Mammock – the World’s Biggest Hammock




Stickmen Mammock

  • World’s biggest, world-famous, parachute-silk hammock – aka THE MAMMOCK!
  • Super-strong (up to 200kg load), lightweight and portable – just 1600g
  • 600cm long (570cm laying length), and 300cm wide
  • Quick-drying, breathable, washable at 30’C, and very soft to touch
  • Includes free nautical ropes for hanging hammocks between objects up to 5m apart
  • Optional tree-friendly straps for £15 (RRP £22)
  • Free Delivery on all hammocks!


We’ve been there: you’ve got a great group of friends and family coming over, and you know you’ll have a great time – you always do. But you want to upgrade your garden; provide that wow factor. You don’t want them to have to find a stool to sit on, you want them to have the best seat in the house.

That’s our hammock. 

But now we’re proud to show off the extra extra large Mammock (the biggest hammock in the world). It’s 6metres long and 3metres wide, and is the biggest and best way to get a group in your garden!

Live a little. Hang around with your mates. Get a group hammock.






 The great things about our hammocks


Made of super-strong Parachute Silk – up to 200kg load capacity

Lightweight, compact and highly portable – starting from just 200g

Breathable and highly soft to touch

Machine washable at 30’c


Integrated case

Optional Ropes

Free delivery!

Nothing's perfect. Here are some things to watch out for...

Our material and colour is natural, but isn’t UV resistant. Like all other garden furniture, our hammocks shouldn’t be left outside for the whole summer or they’ll fade.

Our material is strong, but be careful of shoes and sharps.

Our material isn’t flame retardant, so please don’t smoke inside it.


View the full colour chart at

Additional information

Weight N/A
Maximum Load

Carry Case


200g (Mini), or 600g (Double), or 700g (King Size), or 1600g (Mammock)


150cm x 75cm (Mini), or 320cm x 200cm (Double), or 320cm x 230cm (King Size), or 600cm x 300cm (Mammock)

Laying Surface


75cm (Mini), or 200cm (Double), or 230cm (King Size), or 300cm (Mammock)


Handmade parachute silk nylon


Variety of colours available for both the Mini and Small hammocks, please select from the available options. View the full colour chart at


Item qualifies for free delivery


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