Wall Fixing Kit




hammock wall anchor

If you’re looking to provide a permanent fixing point for your hammock, these heavy duty anchors are a discrete and easy way to make sure your hammock can be put up in seconds. With normal use, these will take up to 100kg of load (i.e. half the maximum weight in your hammock).

Easy to install, we provide either a timber or masonry (brick, block, or concrete) fixing, and can even supply a masonry drill bit if you don’t have one.

wall fixing kits

Timber Anchor

Masonry Anchor

Masonry Anchor

Additional information

Masonry Drill Bits

We can supply a masonry drill bit if you don't have one to hand. The size of masonry bit needed for the anchor is too big to fit normal drills, so we provide a SDS+ bit. This is a higher quality drill bit, and will fit normal drills.

Maximum Load

100kg (half the maximum load of a hammock)