The World-Famous Parachute-Silk Hammock

So that’s it. You’ve seen someone enjoying one of our hammocks a little too much. They’re having so much fun. You don’t understand why.

“Isn’t  there more  to  life  than  this,” you ask?

Well, yes. There is. But there’s also our world-famous parachute silk hammock.

A very short history…

Two Frenchman were on their jolly travels. They found a very attractive beach in Bali. They fell in love with the sun and the sunny people. They wanted to stay, but they didn’t like the local hammocks. So they started making their own. They stayed. They’re still there. They employ 45 local people under the banner, Ticket to the Moon. They use their money to help the Kobi Tribe of Mandoraks, and have built a school, new roads, and a well, and to pay for regular malaria screening. They’re nice Frenchmen. They make the world’s best hammocks.

The world-famous parachute-silk hammock

It’s made of very strong Silk-Nylon which means our hammocks can cope with up to 200 kg, 440 lb, or 31.5 stonne of hammocking. Silk is also great as it’s cooling in the sun and warming in the cold, which makes it a great accompaniment on almost any activity where you might want to rest. It’s also very very light – our single hammock weighs just 500g and that includes the hooks, ropes and integrated case. That means you take it anywhere barely without noticing it: if you’re off to the beach or off on an adventure, it’s better than almost anything else you can carry. And silk barely rustles, so you can roll around without being disturbed.

In fact the parachute-silk is so good that it’s enjoyed by families, festival goers, travellers and adventurers in over 50 countries. It’s so good it’s world famous.

Child's PlayMini hammocks

Total Length – 150cm

Laying Length – 120cm

Width – 75cm

Weight – 200g

Max load – 200kg

Perfect for – Kids in the garden or at the beach. Or for adults who prefer to sit and swing, rather than lay.

Normal Price – £35


I want one!


 hammock relax on the beachSingle hammocks

Total Length – 320cm

Laying Length – 290cm

Width – 160cm

Weight – 500g

Max load – 200kg

Perfect for – Quiet afternoons by yourself. Or for adventurers, who want to travel light and don’t mind snuggling up when the occasion presents itself.

Normal Price – £35

I want one!

Twos company

Two’s company…

Double hammocks

Total Length – 320cm

Laying Length – 290cm

Width – 200cm

Weight – 600g

Max load – 200kg

Perfect for – If you prefer a bit more room. Or if you’re not going to be alone.

Normal Price – £45

I want one! 

...three's a crowd.

…three’s a crowd.

King Sized hammocks

Total Length – 320cm

Laying Length – 290cm

Width – 230cm

Weight – 700g

Max load – 200kg

Perfect for – When you know there’s going to be a party and you’re going to want every inch.

Normal Price – £55

I want one!


The Mammock 

It’s so big it needs a warning sticker and its own big yellow box.

Total Length – 600cm

Laying Length – 560cm

Width – 300cm

Weight – 1600g

Max load – 200kg

Perfect for – Supposedly the world’s biggest hammock. It’s perfect for everything, surely?

Normal Price – £150

I want one!


The great things about our hammocks


Made of super-strong Parachute Silk – up to 200kg load capacity

Lightweight, compact and highly portable – starting from just 200g

Breathable and highly soft to touch

Machine washable at 30’c


Integrated case

Free Ropes

Free delivery!

Nothing's perfect. Things to watch out for

Our material and colour is natural, but isn’t UV resistant. Our hammocks shouldn’t be left outside for the whole summer.

Our material is strong, but be careful of shoes and sharps.

Our material isn’t flame retardant, so please don’t smoke inside it.


Now, take me to buy my hammock!..



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